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Well we’re a crew of very dental people, led by Dr. Alan Mead. With one of the longest standing dental podcasts and decades of practice ownership experience, Dr. Mead hosts one of the most honest and authentic podcasts specifically for dentists.

About us

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Meet Dr. Alan Mead

Born and raised in Midland, Michigan, Dr. Alan Mead stayed in the midwest for his academic career, receiving his undergraduate degree from Miami University (Miami of Ohio) and then graduating from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1997.

After graduation, he practiced as an associate dentist with his father for a year before purchasing his own practice in Saginaw, Michigan in 1998.

In 2001, he married his wife Deb and just a few years later they moved to their home on a 40 acre horse farm. It’s there that Deb and Dr. Mead started their family when they had sons, Sean and Jacob. Dr. Mead is also an enthusiastic horse feeder and takes pride in the goats, chickens, dogs and a miniature donkey named Floyd that live with him and his family on the farm.  

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In June of 2014, Dr. Mead and a partner started the Dental Hacks Podcast. In April 2021, Dr. Mead rebranded to the Very Dental Podcast Network and boasts over 4.3 million downloads and counting!

Dr. Mead is one of the founders of Voices of Dentistry, created the “Alan Mead Experience” podcast in 2017, and has been podcasting with Dr. Dawn Kulongowski at “The Peaceful Practice” podcast since 2019.

He is a dental microscope enthusiast, a mountain biking fanatic, and has been in recovery (clean and sober) for more than 20 years.

It’s all about the journey

How we got to now


Alan Mead becomes Dr. Mead

Dr. Alan Mead graduated from the University of Minnesota Dental School in 1997. Shortly after, he purchased a dental practice and over the next 25 years discovered what it takes to run a business while practicing dentistry.


A podcast was born

In 2014, Dr. Mead and Dr. Jason Lipscomb started the Dental Hacks podcast. The idea was simple — create a podcast for dentists, by dentists. By this point, Dr. Mead had 17 years of ownership experience and a lot of friends in the industry to talk shop with. By tapping into his network and teaching himself how to produce podcasts, the Dental Hacks took off.


Launching the Very Dental Podcast Network

In 2021, the Dental Hacks podcast has rebranded to the Very Dental Podcast Network. Dr. Alan Mead is still hosting the best guests in the industry to come on the show and share their expertise. So tune in, turn up, and learn a thing or two about all things dental.

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