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Very Dental: Dr. Gary DeWood on Believing It's Possible

Posted on

September 30, 2022

The Evolution of Dr. Paul Homoly

Posted on

April 8, 2022

Dr. Paul Homoly is a legend in dental communication. Alan was joined by Paul at The Voices of Dentistry for a podcast about evolutions. Whether it's how Paul's speaking business has evolved through the COVID era or how dental teams can evolve the way they practice dentistry by investing in themselves and the way they communicate with their patients, Paul will have you spellbound!

The "A-hole Factor" with Dr. Mark Costes

Posted on

March 25, 2022

Alan is joined once again by Dr. Mark Costes. The guys are a couple of months post Voices of Dentistry and do a little wrap up. Mark is the founder of the Dental Success Institute, a podcaster and a good friend. The guys have a wide ranging conversation that covers all kinds of topics!

What To Do With a Dental Degree featuring Dr. David Rice

Posted on

December 3, 2021

Dr. David Rice joined Alan for a rousing conversation that took place above the exhibit floor at the recent Greater New York Dental Meeting! David is the creator/founder of IgniteDDS and was recently placed as the editor in chief of DentistryIQ!

"All the Gems Come Out" with Dr. Jason Smithson

Posted on

October 18, 2021

What's the very best way to figure out what a patient really wants? You have an honest and authentic conversation with them! Alan welcomes back Dr. Jason Smithson to the Very Dental Podcast to talk about having conversations with patients! Jason and Alan spend a LOT of time talking about how they've learned to have great conversations. (hint: less talking, more listening) Any time I get a chance to tell stories with Jason, I take it! I think you'll really enjoy this one

It's OK to be a Regular Dentist with Dr. Shawn Van de Vyver

Posted on

October 8, 2021

Alan welcomes Dr. Shawn Van de Vyver to the Very Dental podcast! Shawn is a self described "regular dentist." What is a regular dentist? Why are we having this conversation? Well, blame it on social media.

"Go Visit Your Lab" featuring Dr. David Hornbrook

Posted on

October 1, 2021

Alan welcomes Dr. David Hornbrook to the Very Dental podcast! David was the presenter at the Vedder Society's fall meeting and he did not disappoint! He's an amazing clinician with an approachable style of presentation and we got to see and interact with him for 3 days!

What Dentistry Can Learn from Medicine with Dr. Tarun Agarwal

Posted on

August 13, 2021

Any dentist or dental team member that spends any time in a medical office cannot help but notice the distinct differences in how we treat patients and deliver care. Dr. Tarun Agarwal joins Alan to candidly (and I mean CANDIDLY) talk about what physicians could learn from dental offices and what dental offices might learn from medicine!

Dr. Brett Kessler on How We Make Behavior Changes

Posted on

June 18, 2021

Alan is joined by his friend Dr. Brett Kessler to have a VERY frank talk about how people make changes in their lives. Both of them are in long term recovery from drugs and alcohol which gives them an interesting perspective on how people make behavior changes in their life.

Kevin and Zach Lay Out the Scenario

Posted on

January 25, 2022

The Voices of Dentistry brought Kevin and Zach together in person and THEY GOT IT DONE! The plan was to talk with LOTS of different clinicans and get their answers to a standardized group of questions. It's brilliant and funny and you're going to LOVE what they have in store for you over the next few months! Today they give you the questions and give you their very own answers!

Ask Us Anything

Posted on

December 28, 2021

Kevin and Zach are joined by Alan Mead to do an "Ask Us Anything" segment! First, they talk about New Year's traditions (Twilight Zone anyone?) and then they answered listener questions!

Zach and Kevin Do it Again

Posted on

August 10, 2021

Kevin and Zach spend way too much time talking about their favorite reruns on TV. Then we actually talk about redoing your dentistry.

Very Clinical Walks Forward!

Posted on

August 3, 2021

You know what sucks? Well lots of things I guess, but in dentistry one of the many things that sucks is when you put in a 2nd molar crown or MO filling only to see it on recall and the patient is complaining they are packing food around it. Why does this happen? You know what sucks worse? When you re-do said restoration for free only to see it happen AGAIN. Why does this happen? What can you do about it? Kevin offers some solutions orthodontically.

Dr. Ray Bertolotti on Bulk Filling and Avoiding Gaps in Class II Restorations (CHP 93)

Posted on

May 11, 2021

Dr. Raymond Bertolotti is perhaps best known for introducing "total etch" to North America in 1984. He has been credited with coining the phrase "adhesion dentistry" in 1985. Dr. Bertolotti first used "Adhesion Dentistry" when he retitled his "Cosmetic Dentistry" seminar, reflecting the true nature of what he was using to achieve aesthetic results with minimal invasion. In America, Dr. Bertolotti also introduced Caries Detector in 1984, Panavia in 1985, cantilevered PFM adhesion bridges in 1986, intraoral tin plating in 1989, self-etching primers in 1992, HealOzone in 2004, and all-ceramic zirconia adhesion bridges in 2017. The sectional Contact Matrix system, "Microprime B", Accolade PV, "Microetcher" sandblasting, and intraoral tin-plating are also his innovations. His materials and techniques continue to reflect a compilation of international knowledge which has been evolved into a "how to do it" seminar of international reputation.

The Calm Before the Storm

Posted on

January 31, 2022

Al is joined by Dr. Craig Harder, Dr. Kevin Donlin and Dr. Colin Lathrop for an early morning recording on the first day of Voices of Dentistry! The guys talk about the nuts and bolts of VoD and why it's like no other meeting!

"Because COVID"

Posted on

September 13, 2021

Alan is joined by friends and colleagues Dr. Dawn Kulongowski, Dr. Melissa Zettler and Dr. Frank Clayton to talk about COVID. Specifically how we’re feeling 18 months into the COVID pandemic. What’s different? What’s changed for the worse? Did anything good come from it?

Why Get a Dental Microscope? With Dr. Graham Forbes and Dr. Brad Mattison

Posted on

September 6, 2021

Alan is joined by two relatively new owners of microscopes. Specifically the Zumax OMS 2380. Dr. Graham Forbes and Dr. Brad Mattison both bring some pretty compelling arguments for microscope use in their offices in this episode. Graham’s story: He loved what he saw from the Eastern European scope gurus (Dr. Maxim Belograd and Dr. Nazariy Mykhaylyuk) and found that a full day of restorative dentistry was getting hard on his neck! Brad’s story: In dental school he watched a lot of dental Youtube and was inspired by Dr. Gerard Cuomo. The rest of the interview is a deep dive about what you need to know about dental microscopes, what you could expect the shopping experience to be and why the three of us recommend the experience of working with Enova Illumination and Zumax.

Ritter and Ramsey on Partnerships and The Protocol

Posted on

August 2, 2021

Dr. Chris Ramsey and Dr. Rob Ritter join Alan to talk about what it takes to have a successful dental partnership and the amazing course they've designed to show you execute the kind of dentistry that you want to do from consult to finished case!

Is Removable the Red Headed Stepchild of Dentistry?

Posted on

May 10, 2021

Al is joined by Dr. Darin Dichter and Dr. Doug Benting, the instructors of a course Al took at Spear Education in Scottsdale last week! Some of the topics they discussed: Why doesn’t one size fit all for someone who loses all of their teeth? Why should dentures be the basis for all cosmetic dentistry? Why is removable the red-headed stepchild of dentistry? How can you start planning for a “terminal dentition” earlier to make a transition to edentulous easier and more predictable.

AI and the Future of Diagnosis?

Posted on

March 28, 2022

Al runs into some artificial intelligence in a medical setting and riffs on how this might apply in dentistry at some point.

"What You Do, Not Who You Are"

Posted on

December 17, 2021

Identity is a weird concept. "Dentist" is technically a job description (what you do) but for many of us, including Al, it becomes our identity. Or at least a huge part of it. Al takes a little time to riff on his experience on his history of disengaging from dentistry and how evaluating how you see your identity is a healthy thing to do.

4 Words to Avoid Using with Patients

Posted on

October 22, 2021

The words you use with patients can be important. Alan discusses a few that he's found to be less than helpful over the years that he tries to avoid using with patients. The four words he discusses: Small (in terms of dental disease) Dental "Insurance" Expensive Painful Do you have any words you try and avoid during patient communication?

A 1983 Chevy Citation in Your Mouth

Posted on

September 20, 2021

If you were driving a 1983 Chevy Citation you'd know it. You would know it from the bondo'd body work. You'd know it from the sound the engine makes every day you cranked it up. You'd know because finding parts is hard. What about the patient who has a mouth full of early 80's dentistry? It's the equivalent to driving around in a 1983 Chevy Citation. The question they know this? Do they understand it? Alan tells the story of a patient like this and what he's going to do about it!

Easy Peasy Digital Crown Workflow

Posted on

August 18, 2021

Can you knock out a crown prep from start to finish in 40 minutes? Over the last couple of years I've put together a workflow that's leisurely yet thorough and gets great results for the classic single unit crown. I'd be curious to hear if you have tweaks that can make this even better!

The Vanilla Latte Class IV

Posted on

June 11, 2021

Everyone loves the Jason Smithson-esque class IV composite done with a gorgeous wax up and beautifully layered composites placed with precision using a polyvinyl stent. These "double half caff mochaccinos with a twist and extra sprinkles can be found all over Instagram and Facebook groups. They're awesome and everyone should learn to do them. But quite often a case lands in your schedule that doesn't allow you to do the prep work for this. Sometimes you have to settle for a vanilla latte. And vanilla lattes can be delicious! Al gives you his recipe for a consistent and satisfying "vanilla latte" class IV that can make you and your patient happy with a quick and simple appointment!

The Dental Hacks Reunion at VoD 2022!

Posted on

January 28, 2022

Jason and Alan recorded a live "reunion episode" of the Dental Hacks podcast at Voices of Dentistry 2022! If you didn't have the pleasure of seeing it LIVE, here it is in audio form! The guys did their thing for the audience and invited the other two VoD hosts, Dr. Mark Costes and Dr. Justin Moody up to answer "Ask Us Anything" questions! A good time was had by all!

Dr. Gregg Kinzer is Virtual and IRL (DHP317)

Posted on

February 19, 2021

Dental Hacks are joined by Dr. Gregg Kinzer to discuss continuing education now that we've had a year or so of the pandemic.

Dr. Frank Spear on Avoiding Burnout in Dentistry (DHP313)

Posted on

November 27, 2020

Jason and Alan had the honor of talking with Dr. Frank Spear of Spear Education! This was their first conversation with him since the COVID outbreak and the conversation focused a lot on changes in the landscape of dentistry and dental education!

Planting the Seed with Memorie Valentine RDH (DHS11)

Posted on

March 9, 2020

Memorie Valentine is a hygienist with interesting experiences! She's practiced in several states in lots of different kinds of offices and has a lot of wisdom about communicating patient needs. Alan and Memorie talk about the concept of "planting seeds" about treatment. It turns out that some of the the very best people to plant those seeds are the hygienists that spend the bulk of their time with patients!

Dr. Nazariy Mykhaylyuk in Microscopic Detail (DHP259)

Posted on

September 27, 2019

Dr. Nazariy Mykhaylyuk is a phenomenon. He's a visionary microscope user, an amazing restorative dentist and he's changing how dentists learn restorative dentistry. Jason and Alan were able to see his exquisite presentation at the Spear Summit and soon sat down with him to talk. Nazariy is from Ukraine and he has a really great story.

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